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engine repair, engine replacement

Precision Machine Service has been a leader in engine rebuilding for over 35 years. Since the company was established in 1972, we have remanufactured engines for all types of applications. In addition to automotive and truck engines, we also rebuild engines for a variety of special purposes, such as marine, industrial, high-performance, and racing of all types.

Some of the applications we rebuild engines for include:

Acura*AMC/Jeep*BMW*Buick Cadillac*Chevrolet*Chrysler*Ford*Geo*GMC*Honda Hyundai*Infiniti*International*Isuzu*Lexus*Lincoln*Mazda*Mercedes*Mercury* Mitsubishi*Nissan*Oldsmobile*Pontiac*Saab*Suzuki*Toyota*Volvo*Volkswagen

Our engines are used by repair shops, car and truck dealers, marine dealers, fleets, and various government maintenance facilities. We also sell to consumers who work on their own vehicles or hire some else to install it.

We also offer full automotive machine shop services to the automotive trade as well as for hobbyists and motor sport enthusiasts.

We have an installation facility on site where we do installation of our engines as well as other engine repairs and modifications.

Whatever your engine needs let the experience we have gained with thousands of engine replacements work for you. Call us at 904-731-0033 for an estimate or to discuss your needs.

Precision Machine Service, Inc.

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Jacksonville, FL 32216

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